The micro:bit house (2) – design considerations

The house was built to the following specifications:

  • Upcycling.  Wherever possible I used materials that were lying around to build the house.
  • Portability.  It had to be easy to carry around as it was built to be used at shows and events.
  • Easy to build and break down.  Again, the intention to use it at events meant it had to be easy to assemble and disassemble.
  • 100% powered by micro:bit.  No arduinos, circuit playground, codebug or Pis allowed.  Hey, I worked at the micro:bit Foundation at the time, so it made sense!
  • Interactive / fun.  I wanted children to enjoy it – to play with it.  And they did – quite hard at times!
  • Amateur looking.  To be honest, that was inevitable anyway!  Still, I didn’t want it to look polished – I wanted kids to look at it and think ‘I could do that, and better too!’… imho that is more motivating that seeing a beautiful shiny thing that they believe is beyond them to create.

I am happy to say I was able to hit all those markers 🙂

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