The micro:bit house

Around the beginning of 2017 the idea of building a model smart home powered by a micro:bit began to take root in my head.

I was doing quite a few events at the time and needed something snazzy to show off the micro:bit – something that kids could get their hands on and which had obvious real world applications.

It took many months, the acquisition of new skills and, as an added bonus, a few new power tools too :).  I got a lot of use out of that house and I know a lot of kids got some joy from it.  I’ve documented it in a series of blogs – a link to chapter 2 is at the bottom of this page.

Here’s a few videos of the finished product:


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The micro:bit house blog has 10 separate chapters:

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    1. Thanks Richard 🙂
      Kids did love it, and it got lots of mileage.
      Maybe one day an inspirational educator will take it off my hands and give it a new lease on life 😉

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