Way back in 2001 I took an evening course in computer programming – just for fun really.  It was vocational – 4 modules, each 10 weeks, and the focus was on producing disciplined, platform agnostic, entry level developers.  I learnt a bit of Java then and became a life-long enthusiastic hobbyist.

Below are notes on a few of my favourite projects:

  • Springman.  My magnum opus openGL-3D-world-game-engine thing, or perhaps its an article on the dangers of writing Hello World then thinking, hmmm, what can I add to this!
  • Charting tool  my award winner, and mild homage to PlanetSourceCode (Dream it! Code it!)
  • csv to JSON – the app I wrote in VBA then rewrote in Java.  I still don’t know why, but at least the urge to do so is gone now.