Welcome to my blog… I am Philip Meitiner, or @PragmaticPhil.

What is a ‘Pragmatic’ blog you might ask?

Its pretty much the same as a normal blog, but being ‘pragmatic’ means I can blog about pretty much anything without going off-topic.   It also means I write about practical stuff (mostly): the POC rather than the dreamware.  Its also the antithesis of a dogmatic blog, so I reserve the right to change my mind and keep an open mind at all times.

What will you find here?  In time it should be an eclectic mix of stuff relating to micro:bit, Java, VBA, project management, DIY and anything else I can think of that I am compelled to write about.

Anyway, hope you find something of interest 🙂



PS – these days we have to stand up for something, so: #blacklivesmatter & #transpeoplearepeople.  Do unto others and be pragmatic 🙂