In my long and varied careers I have met a lot of amazing and inspiring people, some of whom I am lucky to call my friend.

One such person is Howard Baker.

The name may not be familiar to you, but anyone who was involved in developing micro:bit and bringing it to market knows it well.  Howard is a legend in micro:bit  circles.

Howard is the ‘Father of micro:bit’… if there is a single individual who originated micro:bit and is responsible for it, then that is he.  He came up with the idea in 2012 and is STILL working on micro:bit – currently for the Microbit Educational Foundation.  Noone can match his contribution to micro:bit… without him there wouldn’t be a micro:bit.

So it is a real privilege to have him pen a foreword for this book.  And a brilliant one at that!  Thanks Howard.

But I can’t mention Howard without mentioning Jo Claessens.  If Howard is the father of micro:bit then Jo is the mother, and what an amazing and dynamic team the two made!!!

I should also mention the contribution an individual I will identify as “MS” made, but I won’t go into detail because I’ve not met a more private person, and I don’t think he will thank me for mentioning him by name.   But MS is also a micro:bit legend – the titles of Father and Mother are taken, so we’ll call him the older brother!

Writing this book took a lot out of me, and I swore I would never have the audacity to write another.  But, a few months after finishing the urge to go again is growing.  My next book, if there is one, will be The History of BBC Micro:bit.  There are a lot of heroes whose monumental efforts helped to establish micro:bit, and their story will be told!