If I had to choose one adjective to describe me I like to think that ‘pragmatic’ would be most appropriate.  Thinking and behaving pragmatically means responding to challenges with an open mind and looking for practical solutions or outcomes – making things actually happen in the real world.  I try to practise this as much as possible, and I guess its what has always drawn me to project management.

I write code for fun – Java for epic, personal projects and VBA for RAD work stuff mostly.  I dabble with Python when I have to and I am growing fond of block coding in MakeCode.  I garden in summer and love a bit of DIY.  I barbeque way too much and still pay gym fees despite not having been for over a year.  And I wrote a book.

I choose Silicon Valley over BBT and GOT before SCD.  I don’t do soapies or reality TV, but I love survival shows and those Discovery doccies where they search for treasure (especially The Curse of Oak Island)!  Favourite movies are True Romance and Big Lebowski.

By trade I am an everyman – freelance program manager, EDTECH consultant and COO.  I’ve been a maths teacher, psychology lecturer, market researcher, account director, business development manager, project manager and even done some freelance development (VBA).  I also played a key role in the development of micro:bit, both in the creation the product then in making it a global brand.  My work history is listed on LinkedIn – I won’t duplicate it here so check out my profile if that’s what you are interested in.

The only other  social media platform I use in earnest is twitter, and I post under the name @PragmaticPhil.


  • the accent is part South Africa and part UK – I grew up in Hertfordshire and Durban
  • the surname is pronounced “Meet” – “in” – “er”.  I am way beyond being upset if you pronounce it wrong – its an ice-breaker and I am well practised in my response!
  • It don’t mind “Phil” or “Philip” – whichever feels more natural when rolling off the tongue.  In business emails its more professional to use “Philip” and using a double ‘L’ (i.e. ‘Phillip’) causes no offence to me, but does reveal a lack of rigour (getting peoples names right is important so always check your “Clare” is not actually a “Claire”, call him “Richard” unless he signs off as “Dick” and apologise if you write “Paolo” instead of “Paola”!)

I’ve shown up on YouTube a few times now as well:

Please feel free to get in touch – either using the forms on this website, or over LinkedIn or twitter.  Contact from recruiters is always welcome, although I am currently pretty happy in my role of COO (Europe) for XinaBox 🙂

Thanks for showing an interest!